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I’m a freelance virtual PA in Brighton. Do you want to spend less time on boring admin and more time growing your business? Then outsource to me! I do administration, blogging, copywriting, graphic design and more. Tell me what you need.

I teach yoga.

I’ll be honest, I’m reluctant about it and I have some controversial views on how and why it should be taught (with a very light touch, and almost never, respectively). After nearly twenty years of study, I feel like the only thing I’m qualified to show you is my own journey and where I’m at with it now.

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All that being considered, if you’d like someone who’s not remotely hippie about it to teach you the basics of getting into your body and out of your head, share a few things that may or may not help you to understand yourself better, and fall over a lot in balances - I’m your woman.

My personal route through yoga and meditation over the years has included hypermobility, anxiety and depression, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, over-ambition on the mat, postnatal body and pelvic floor issues, addiction and low self esteem.

If anything here resonates with you and you think you’d like to find out about one-to-one sessions with me, give me a shout.